Your shopping cart is empty. Launches a New Coloring Book, "I Love the 70s”, the website already famed for its exciting range of coloring books for adults, has announced the name of its latest 1970s inspired coloring book. Tagged as "I Love the 70s”, the latest version is soon to join variety of other adult coloring books in list.

The book calls back the most riveting events and highlights the special moments of the seventies decade and comprises memory inciting characteristics, something coloring enthusiasts are going to love. founder and CEO, Tracee Clayton Garrett, speaks about the prospective coloring book. She says, “We realized that act of coloring is not just an art or activity; but an experience that takes the mind to various wonderful places. Our new coloring book entitled, 'I Love the 70s,' interests all those who want to relive the 1970s era. I think this one is quite different from the rest of the coloring books we have offered at”

This exciting new coloring book takes coloring enthusiasts down memory lane or wish that they could experience the explosive and exciting decade. This coloring book has it all – fashion, such as the infamous bell-bottom pants and platform shoes. It showcases the lazy, crazy days of summer at the drive-ins to roller skating and disco dancing. We also touch upon great films and our favorite television shows from that era. This book is sure to put smiles on people’s face as they recollect their favorite 70’s memories.

It is worth a mention here that has an enormously large range of adult coloring books, such as, Egyptian, Inspirations & Affirmations, and let’s not forget their bestsellers, like Faces of the World and Stained Glass. Creativity and relaxation being the prime objective of these coloring books. Thousands of grownups regularly visit the website and they can’t wait to share their new masterpiece in Joenay’s art gallery.

For more information about the new coloring book “I Love the 70s” please go to, Etsy or Amazon.

  • April 07, 2016
  • Tracee Garrett