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Inspiration and optimism are highly sought after in today’s stressed out lives for everyone, regardless of what source they come from. The ideology has found an impressive expression – in the form of a new T-shirt line. The announced T-shirt line, soon to be displayed over the renowned website, carries messages and slogans that remind individuals of their inherent greatness, and sparks optimism. is a website dedicated to creativity and already has developed space for people who want to break life’s monotony and find stimulation, positivity and joy. The website does that through its unique line of coloring. The T-shirt line was inspired by the best-selling adult coloring book entitled, Inspirations and Affirmations. Some of the messages and images from this coloring book comes to life on various exquisite colorful T-shirts.

"Everyone feels empowered when they are aware of their uniqueness, says Garrett"

“We believe that a synergistic environment is most fertile to produce smiles and trigger optimism. Our T-shirt line generates such an environment! Displaying a mix of inspiring and spiritual quotes, the T-shirts additionally remind men and women of their intrinsic qualities, greatness and restore belief that they are special. Everyone feels empowered when they are aware of their uniqueness, their eminence. This in turn helps them deliver better outcomes at work and extract optimal happiness in their day-to-day life,” says founder and CEO, Tracee Clayton Garrett.

The life enriching slogans on these T-shirts get more empowering and are rightly complemented through their global designers work in eye-catchy font choices, impressive designs and pulsating colors. Energy and enthusiasm are naturally reciprocated when groups of people together wear the positive quotes T-shirts. produced Be Happy Coloring Books and are well received from the masses. Many of the T-shirts are likely to carry inspirations and affirmations from the already famed coloring book range at

  • April 07, 2016
  • Tracee Garrett