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Salt Lamps

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$ 84.99

Description:Himalayan 's Dimmable Salt Lamp is easy and safe to use. You can adjust the brightness level from low to high simply by the dimmable switch to match the ambiance. Natural Air Purifier Himalayan salt lamps purify the air to provide you with air that is healthy and easy for breathing by clearing natural allergens. Better Sleep Keep one or two around your bedroom...

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$ 29.99

Description:A Himalayan salt lamp, by its salty nature, is able to easily attract water vapor to it. With this water vapor often comes indoor air pollutants, including allergens, mold and bacteria. When the water hits the heated lamp, the salt traps the pollutants but releases the water vapor. By removing pollutants from the air, the salt lamp leaves you with...

$ 94.99

Descrition:The Natural Salt Night Light When lit with the included 15 watt incandescent light bulb, it gives a warm amber glow, creating a romantic vibe and boost your mood. Perfect Gift Choice it is your perfect gift choice for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, holidays, birthdays, graduations, thank-yous, and special occasions. Soothing & Calming Lamp Illuminate your room with a warm,...